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març 30th, 2007:

Interpreting climate diagrams

Visit this Climate diagrams page. The diagrams in this page are like this example:

climate diagram

Your Task: 

  1. Choose one location beginning with the same letter as your surname.
  2. Answer the following questions (all of these informations appear in each diagram):
  3. Which are the coordinates of this location? (latitude and longitude)
  4. Which is the height above sea level?
  5. Are there any dry months in this climate? How many? Which ones?
  6. Which is the mean annual temperature?
  7. Which is the average temperature and precipitation in these months:
  • january
  • march 
  • june
  • september

 What kind of climate do you think is this? 

When you have finished, find another climate from the mediterranean region and repeat the same questions.